Brand: Twinpictures Plugin Oven | Category: WordPress Plugin | Author: Baden Coleman
Updated: 4 January, 2016 | Price: 20.49 — 149.49 USD

Archive-Pro-Matic for WordPress is a pro WordPress plugin that replaces the free Annual Archive plugin. If Annual Archive has been installed, it should be de-activated before installing Archive-Pro-Matic.

Reasons to Go Pro

One: I am an advanced user and want/need the extra features listed below.
Two: High-Five! Here is some money, Annual Archive was just what I needed.

Advanced Features

  • List Archives by Custom Post Type
  • List Archives by Category
  • Upgrades are free and automated* via WordPress’s plugin update system
    *plugin must be registered to receive automatic updates


Translate Archive-Pro-Matic into any language using our community translation tool. Anyone may join in and add new translations or correcting existing ones by first registering for a translator account.


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