Brand: Twinpictures Plugin Oven | Category: WordPress Plugin | Author: Baden Coleman
Updated: 2 January, 2015

Print-Pro-Matic includes all of the features of the free version explained in detail in the Print-O-Matic documentation. The following advanced options are available only in this pro version.

  • the ability to have content that is displayed only on the print page using a print_only attribute
  • a custom printer icon can be used by uploading it to the media library direct from the options page
  • url attribute to print an external page
    • example: [print-me url=""]
  • css_url attribute to load an external style sheet into the print page
    • example: [print-me css_url=""]
  • pause elements, that if found will wait a specified amount of time to allow external content such as iframes to fully load before printing
  • …ok, we need to give this documentation more justice: more to come!