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New Plugin: T(-) Countdown Events

The Plugin Oven is happy to announce the release of T(-) Countdown Events our first add-on plugin for both T(-) Countdown and T(-) Countdown Control. This add-on allows a list of timed events to be triggered at specific times before the countdown reaches zero.

Multiple events can be created and then associated to one or more countdowns. Each event is assigned a specific amount of time (days, hours, minutes and seconds) before the countdown launches where it can:

  • Insert HTML above or below the countdown
  • Insert HTML in a specific element based on element type, element ID or element class
  • trigger an external callback function

This add-on plugin is quite powerful in it’s current state, and more features will be added over the next months. While we continute to develope T(-) Countdown Events, we are making it available to early-adopters at a discounted rate.

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