Plugin Oven Releases Column-Matic v1.0.1


WordPress Plugin: Column-Matic

The Plugin Oven is now the official home of Column-Matic—the latest plugin by Twinpictures.

Some of you may be finding stray p or br tags that is causing wonky spaces. This is occuring because of the default order in which WordPress processes the content—wpautop (the WordPress core function that converts line breaks to p or br tags) is run before the shortcodes are processed. We are working on the an official fix to include in our plugins that does not effect formatting of all installed plugins.

In the mean time, feel free to check out the Column-Matic documentation for a couple of work-around solutions.

T(-) Countdown v2.1 Released


WordPress Plugin: T(-) Countdown

Version 2.1 of T(-) Countdown is now available for download. The latest version includes two new countdown styles: C-3PO and TIE-Fighter. Both styles are designed using only CSS. Since no images where used in the design, changing sizes and colors can be easily accomplished.

Check out 2.1 and let us know what you think!

The Plugin Oven

Hello and welcome to The Plugin Oven—tasty fresh WordPress plugins for your enjoyment. This site has been built, not only to showcase our free plugins, but also to introduce premium plugins—to maybe make a wee bit of cash-money. A full fledged support center has been created to offer in-depth documentation and premium level support.

So take a look around. We are still polishing off some areas, but everything should be up and running smoothly in the next days. In the mean time, feel free to engage us in a conversation over on our Facebook page and follow @twinpictures to keep updated—in 140 character chunks.

Once again, welcome to The Plugin Oven.