Collapse-O-Matic v1.7.7


Collapse-O-Matic version 1.7.7 has just been released. This update includes a new content filter feature. To demonstrate what exactly this does, below are two examples of the html from a simple collapse element. By default the content filter is turned off, but this can be set in the plugin options page under Dashboard > Settings > Collapse-O-Matic > Filter Content.

Without Filter

[expand title="Trigger"]This is a bit of content text[/expand]

<div id="target-id1820" class="collapseomatic_content">This is some special text to display about item one</div>


This is a bit of content text

With Filter

[expand title="Trigger" filter="true"]
This is a bit of content text

<div id="target-id1820" class="collapseomatic_content"><p>This is some special text to display about item one</p>


This is a bit of content text

New Plugin: T(-) Countdown Events

The Plugin Oven is happy to announce the release of T(-) Countdown Events our first add-on plugin for both T(-) Countdown and T(-) Countdown Control. This add-on allows a list of timed events to be triggered at specific times before the countdown reaches zero.

Multiple events can be created and then associated to one or more countdowns. Each event is assigned a specific amount of time (days, hours, minutes and seconds) before the countdown launches where it can:

  • Insert HTML above or below the countdown
  • Insert HTML in a specific element based on element type, element ID or element class
  • trigger an external callback function

This add-on plugin is quite powerful in it’s current state, and more features will be added over the next months. While we continute to develope T(-) Countdown Events, we are making it available to early-adopters at a discounted rate.

Twinpictures’ Idea Incubator

Saturday, March 14th, 2015 at precisely 9:26:53 in the A.M. UTC+1 something rather delicious is scheduled to pop out of The Plugin Oven. As of now, plugin ideas and feature requests may be submitted and voted on using our oven-fresh Idea Incubator. Everyone is welcome to register directly at the idea incubator and participate in the hatching of sweet-sweet ideas for add-ons and new plugins.

And yes, there will be pi

Collapse-Pro-Matic v1.2.1


Collapse-Pro-Matic version 1.2.1 is now available for purchase and upgrade. This update includes a new plugin registration and update method that is fully integrated with the new plugin licensing system. Collapse-Pro-Matic must now be registered using a licence key to continue to receive plugin updates. Licence keys may be viewed and completely managed from your account. A brief overview the of changes to the registration system are presented in the following video:

Plugin Licensing Changes for 2015

On January 1st, 2015, the Plugin Oven will introduce new pricing and licensing models for all our premium plugins. The following is an overview upcoming changes to licensing, updates and support.


Purchased plugins will include a license that will be valid for one year from the date of purchase. While the plugin will continue to work after the license expires, support and plugin updates will only be offered to plugins with a valid license. Renewal licenses that extend support and updates for one year will be offered at a discounted rate. An unlimited license may also be purchased that will extend updates and support for the lifetime of the plugin.
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New Plugin: Collapse Commander


collapse_commander_stampTwinpictures is happy to announce it’s latest addition to the Plugin Oven: Collapse Commander. Collapse Commander is an add-on plugin that extends both the Collapse-O-Matic and Collapse-Pro-Matic plugins to include a powerful expand Element Manager.

If you are using a large number of expand elements, Collapse Commander allows you to manage them all in a single location. Another reason to consider Collapse Commander is that it reduces the expand shortcode clutter by only requiring the cid attribute.

Without Collapse Commander

[expand title="trigger text" id="this_element_id" trigclass="trigger_class" rel="this_group-highlander"]target content[/expand]

With Collapse Commander

[expand cid="512"/]

Special thanks to Vince Stross at for planting the seed that sprouted into this plugin.

Collapse-Pro-Matic v1.0.8


v1.0.8 Callbacks

v1.0.8 Callbacks

Collapse-Pro-Matic has just been updated to version 1.0.8. This update includes three powerful callbacks that can be set in the plugin options page.

Expand Callback

Javascript callback that is fired after any element is expanded.

Collapse Callback

Javascript callback that is fired after any element is collapsed.

Expand/Collapse Callback

Javascript callback that is fired after any element is expanded or collapsed.

In addition to the new callbacks, a small bug fix has been included that deals with the find-me scrolling feature. Get Collapse-Pro-Matic version 1.0.8: it’s fresh out of the plugin oven.

Archive-Pro-Matic v0.1


New Premium Plugin: Archive-Pro-Matic

New Premium Plugin: Archive-Pro-Matic

Twinpictures is happy to announce Archive-Pro-Matic, the newest addition to The Plugin Oven. Archive-Pro-Matic is our newest pro plugin for WordPress that will display a variety of archive types filtered by post-type or category. Archives can grouped by day, week, month, year, alpha or listed post-by-post and limited by count. Multiple archives can be placed in any post or page using a shortcode or in a sidebar using the included widget. Archive-Pro-Matic is the pro upgrade of our free Annual Archive plugin.