Collapse-O-Matic 1.5.2

Collapse-O-Matic v.1.5.2

Collapse-O-Matic v.1.5.2

Collapse-O-Matic version 1.5.2 has been updated to work with the latest versions of WordPress and jQuery. This version no longer uses the livequery library, but rather jQuery’s recommended .on() method for triggering events.

Version 1.5.2 Improvements:

  • find-me is now called after all collapse/expand animations finish
  • removed livequery in favor of jQuery .on() method
  • updated WordPress requirements to at least version 3.3
  • added new swapexcerpt attribute
  • fixed a few typos on the options page
  • added custom css to options page
  • added new targtag and targpos attributes
  • added ability to add extra internal triggers

All of these modifications—and a few more—have also been included in v0.3 of Collapse-Pro-Matic.