Collapse-Pro-Matic v1.0.6

Collapse-Pro-Matic v1.0.6

Collapse-Pro-Matic v1.0.6

Twinpictures’ Plugin Oven is happy to announce the latest update to our powerful Expand & Collapse plugin for WordPress. Collapse-Pro-Matic version 1.0.6 has just popped out of the Plugin Oven and brings with it a number of improvements and some cool new features.

Script Loading

We have streamlined the way the plugin loads the scripts it needs. If you are only using the [expand] shortcode, you can tell the plugin to only load the scripts on pages that use the shortcode. This can be toggled in the Plugin Options Page located under the Settings menu in the Dashboard. If the roll-your-own method is used, please make sure this option is NOT checked.

Also new with this version is the ability to tell the plugin where to load the scripts: in the header or the footer. Loading scripts in the footer is a recommended practice as it helps speed up page load time and rendering, more and more a big deal for SEO.

New Features

  • A new swaptarget feature has been added that allows single trigger to toggle between two targets. An swaptarget example can be seen demonstrated on our test server.
  • A new lockheight feature was added that locks the height required for the expand, even when collapsed. A full demonstration of the lockheight feature is available to play with on our test server.
  • We have significantly streamlined the code used for the expand all/collapse all and .setall class functions. We like to keep a tight ship.
  • The .setall class has been advanced to include automatic toggling of expand/collapse all functions using the rel grouping attribute. That might sound a bit confusing, so se set up a full demo of the improved .sezall class functions on our test server.
  • The scrollonclose attribute now accepts a value of ‘auto’.
  • Finally, we fixed an issue with offset attribute not always being correctly calculated. Bug fixes are always a YAY moment.


New customers that purchase this plugin are invited to leave a review by visiting the Collapse-Pro-Matic page here on The Plugin Oven. Customers that have purchased the plugin before June 10, 2014 will need to first register their customer account. The email address and purchase Receipt ID are required to register as highly appreciated ‘charter’ customer.