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Trying to find translation files for MarketPress is seemingly impossible. After hours of goggling, it seems that WPUM DEV just can’t quite seem to get the concept together of creating a friendly repository for .po/.mo files. Well screw that noise! It is our sincere hope that here you will find the translation files you have been looking for to use MarketPress in a language other than English. Feel free to download, use, modify, re-submit—and above all—be happy. If you have created a language pack and wish to share the MarketPress translation files, please contact us at [encode_email email=”” display=””]—we would be happy to include your language pack in the MarketPress translations list below.

Available Languages

Creating a New Language

MarketPress Lite has been added to our Community Translation Tool powered by GlotPress. All are encouraged to help translate MarketPress Lite into as many languages as you know.


First, copy the sample mp-default.po file and rename it to include the ISO language code so that the file looks like: mp-(xx_XX).po

So, for example, the language files for German (de_DE) would be named:

Next, open the .po file and translate it. For help in translating .po files, please refer to the following resources.

WordPress Translation Resources

Once the files are translated, place both the .po and .mo files in the plugin’s languages folder located at: wp-content/plugins/marketpress/marketpress-includes/languages.

Note: when the .po file is saved (automatically creating the .mo file) a warning might be alerted: internationalized messages should not contain the '\r' escape se...
Simply ignore this message, as the .mo file will still work.