Brand: Twinpictures Plugin Oven | Category: WordPress Plugin | Updated: 24 September, 2012

Members WordPress plugin by Justin Tadlock is a truly excellent plugin. In fact, it really should be worked into the WordPress core, as it greatly improves the user roles management/permissions features that are sadly lacking in the latest release of WordPress.

However, when it came to restricting access to a certain post/page/custom-post-type, Justin’s Members plugin was a bit restricted—only in that it allowed permission to be granted only to user roles and roles that contained the restrict_content capability. A more granular permission for individual users—regardless of which role they are a member of—could not be set.

Presented for your consideration is a modified version of Members that adds fine-tune permissions for specific users. The original Members [User Mod Remix], along with an informative comment stream, has been archived on the 2010 Twinpictures site for your viewing pleasure.

Hopefully, this ‘allow-user’ feature will be included in a future release of Justin’s original plugin. And Justin, if you are reading this, excellent plugin, just need a bit more love—hope you don’t mind us building on your giant shoulders.

Regardless, at least for now anyway, the plugin can be downloaded here, and we will link to the official updated plugin if ever the user permission feature is added.