Oven Fresh Plugin: Print-O-Matic

The Plugin Oven is pleased to announce our newest plugin: Print-O-Matic. This very simple WordPress plugin adds a new [print-me] shortcode that can be placed on any post or page to add a nifty little print button that looks very much like this:

Can you guess what happens when the icon that looks like a printer is pressed? Yes, that’s right—it prints stuff.

What separates this print apart from the browser’s standard file > print are the following two features:

Targeted Printing

By default, clicking the Print-O-Matic button will print only the current ≶article> element. However, Print-O-Matic can be configured to print any element on the page using the target attribute.

Printed Form Values

There are a number of other plugins available that feature targeted printing, such as Print Friendly. But when a user has filled out a form and then prints, the filled out values are not printed. Print-O-Matic will include any values that have been entered in a form.


As with all of our plugins, we offer both Free and Premium support. Free Support is available from the excellent WordPress community and is highly recommended. Most support questions are quickly resolved at the Print-O-Matic Forum on WordPress.org For users that need a bit more help we offer Print-O-Matic Plugin Premium Support package for a very reasonable fee. The Premium support package provides personal support and troubleshooting for all aspects of this plugin on your site. We will get the plugin performing to your requirements.