Annual Archive

Brand: Twinpictures Plugin Oven | Category: WordPress Plugin | Updated: 11 January, 2023

Annual Archive widget extends the default WordPress Archive sidebar widget by allowing daily, weekly, monthly or annual archives to be displayed. The widget can also display a list of posts ordered by decade, date or alphabetically. Also included is a simple shortcode that will display an archive list on any post or page.

Why Use Annual Archive?

Good question. One reason might be that you have posts that pre-date WordPress, the Internets… before Johannes Gutenberg, the invention of paper or even the wheel. That would be a seriously long list when archived by month.

Using Annual Archive could shrink that list by as much as twelve times! Just imagine all the sidebar space that will save for other widgets such as a fancy countdown, or perhaps even a list of related attachments.


Snatch a piping hot copy of Annual Archive v1.6.0 fresh out of Twinpictures’ Plugin Oven.
The latest stable release of Annual Archive is always available from the WordPress Plugin Repository.


Detailed documentation, including lovely examples of all shortcode attributes, is available for plugin related archive enlightenment.


The Annual Archive source code is on GitHub for anyone to fork, modify and contribute improvements and bug fixes.


Translate Annual Archive into any language using the WordPress community translation tool. All are invited to help with adding new—or correcting existing—translations.


Excellent, free community support is always available at the Annual Archive WordPress Forum.


Read and submit reviews for Annual Archive at the WordPress Plugin repository.

Go Pro

Archive-Pro-Matic is a pro version of Annual Archive and features expanded options to display archives by post type or category id. Purchasing the pro version is also a great way to ‘high-five’ us with some paypal lovin’.