Brand: Twinpictures Plugin Oven | Category: WordPress Plugin | Updated: 22 February, 2023

Print-O-Matic is a plugin for WordPress that adds a simple [print-me] shortcode, allowing the user to print the entire post or just a specific HTML element in the post.


The latest copy of Print-O-Matic is always available for download right here at the Twinpictures’ Plugin Oven.


The Print-O-Matic source code is on GitHub for anyone to fork, modify and contribute improvements and bug fixes.


Detailed documentation for Print-O-Matic, complete with descriptions of all the shortcode attributes is available for your instructional enjoyment.


Translate Print-O-Matic into any language using the WordPress community translation tool. All are invited to help with adding new—or correcting existing—translations.


Read and submit reviews for Print-O-Matic at the WordPress Plugin repository, Facebook and Twitter.


Free community support is available at the Print-O-Matic WordPress Support Forum. For personalized support, check out Print-Pro-Matic. The premium support alone is well worth the price of the plugin.

Level Up!

Print-Pro-Matic is a premium version of Print-O-Matic and features expanded options for advanced users. Purchasing the pro version not only gives your printing ultimate flexibility— it’s a great way to ‘high-five’ us with a bit of special paypal lovein’.