Collapse Commander

Brand: Twinpictures Plugin Oven | Category: WordPress Plugin | Updated: 6 July, 2021
Notice: As of July 5, 2021 Collapse Commander has been migrated over to its new home on the website.

Collapse Commander is an add-on plugin that introduces expand shortcode management to both the Collapse-O-Matic and Collapse-Pro-Matic plugins. It was built to help simplify and unclutter sites that use large amounts of expand elements.

Collapse Commander Features

  • Simple interface to easily manage every detail of all expand elements
  • Streamlined [expand/] shortcode:
    • Without Collapse Commander:
      [expand title="trigger text" id="this_element_id" trigclass="trigger_class" rel="this_group-highlander"]...[/expand]
    • With Collapse Commander:
      [expand cid="512"/]
  • Two new shortcodes for placing the trigger and target separately
    • [expand_trig cid=”512″/]
    • [expand_targ cid=”512″/]
  • Selectively display target content as filtered or not
  • Improved site wide expand element management
  • Automated upgrades and next-level support for registered users


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