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Collapse-Commander Required Plugins

Collapse requires the Meta-Box plugin. Rather than include this plugin directly, we have opted to first check if the plugin has already been installed to prevent plugin version conflicts.

In the rare event of a meta-box conflict, please contact us at the support email listed in the purchase receipt email. We will assist in getting the plugin setup, as well as notify the conflicting theme or plugin authors of the updated method of including meta-box in a plugin or theme.

CID Attribute

Once an expand element has been set up in the Collapse-Commander, it will be automatically assigned a unique ID. Use the cid attribute to tell the expand shortcode where to get the rest of the data.

Collapse-Commander Shortcodes

Collapse-Commander Shortcodes

Collapse-Commander Shortcodes

In addition to streamlining the [expand] shortcode, two new shortcodes have been added: [expand_trig] and [expand_targ]

[expand_trig] is used to place only the trigger. [expand_trig] must include a cid attribute and if an ID attribute has not been defined in the commander, it must be assigned using the id attribute in the shortcode: [expand_trig cid="512" id="monkey"]

[expand_targ] is used to place the target element only. Like it’s trigger counterpart, [expand_targ] must include a cid element and an id attribute if one has not been assigned in the commander: [expand_targ cid="512" id="monkey"]

Registering Collapse-Commander

Collapse-Commander Registration

Collapse-Commander Registration

Collapse-Commander is an add-on plugin that requires either the free Collapse-O-Matic or pro Collapse-Pro-Matic plugin to function properly.

To register Collapse-Commander for free updates via the WordPress update system, fill in the Receipt ID and email address used to purchase the plugin on either the Collapse-O-Matic or Collapse-Pro-Matic options page.

Once the this information has been saved, the plugin will automatically check for updates just like all other WordPress plugins.