Brand: Twinpictures Plugin Oven | Category: WordPress Plugin | Updated: 22 September, 2021
Price: 55.99 — 121.99 EUR

Print-Pro-Matic is the pro version of Print-O-Matic. Some of the advanced features include:

  • Print Only Attribute
    Elements that are only displayed on the print page
  • Force Visible Attribute
    Elements that are to be printed even if hidden on the display page
  • Custom Print Icon
    Custom icon can be uploaded and used direct from the options page
  • Url Attribute
    Print an external page
  • CSS Url Attribute
    External CSS files can be loaded on the print page
  • pause elements can trigger a pause before printing for specified amount of time to allow external content such as iframes to fully load
  • External Print Trigger
    Turn any element into a print trigger


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