T(-) Countdown Control

Brand: Twinpictures Plugin Oven | Category: WordPress Plugin | Updated: 25 October, 2022
Price: 47.95 — 93.95 EUR

Managed Countdown Timer for WordPress

T(-) Countdown Control is a premium plugin for WordPress that manages and schedules custom recurring countdown timers for multiple events. This countdown timer plugin includes all the features of the free T(-) Countdown, with the added ability of multiple countdown timer management and scheduling.

Custom countdown timer plugin for WordPress: T(-) Countdown Control

Custom countdown timer plugin for WordPress: T(-) Countdown Control

Also, this plugin really does tie the room together.

Activating the countdown timer plugin will create a new T-Countdown post type. The countdown timer menu item is located near the bottom of the dashboard menu. All aspects of the T-Countdown events are created, managed and scheduled using the T-Countdown admin area. The display options of the countdown timer, such as countdown timer style, unique titles for days, minutes, and hours are handled either in the sidebar widget or defined using shortcode attributes.


All available features are clearly explained and demonstrated in the T(-) Countdown Control documentation.


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About The Price

Some may feel that this countdown timer plugin is too expensive. It has been pointed out that there are other countdown timer plugins that cost less and seem do the same thing. We would like to address that here.

The fact is, this countdown timer plugin is not for everyone. T(-) Countdown Control was built specifically for people that have one or more recurring events. As an example, take a place of worship that has services three times a week. This countdown timer plugin allows each event to be scheduled once, and then automatically reschedule the countdown timer after each event has ended.

Something to consider: T(-) Countdown is our free plugin that can be used to countdown a recurring event. However, it does not have a recurring feature, so each event will have to be scheduled manually.

T(-) Countdown Control is an advanced plugin that took a great deal of time to develop. This plugin does have a recurring feature that saves you the time in having to reschedule. If just 10 minutes each week is spent logging in to WordPress to reschedule a countdown, that adds up to over 8 hours a year. Saving a full work-day of your life every year alone is worth the price.

As for other countdown timer plugins that do the same thing, we are happy to include a plugin comparison table. If there is a countdown timer plugin that is missing, please let us know on any one of our social media channels listed above.



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