Print-Pro-Matic v1.0

Print-Pro-Matic v1.0

Print-Pro-Matic v1.0

Twinpictures’ Plugin Oven announces the latest update to Print-Pro-Matic, an advanced content print plugin for WordPress. Print-Pro-Matic version 1.0 is fresh out of the Plugin Oven and offers a number of improvements and new features we think you will find quite useful.

Script Loading

The way in which the plugin loads the required scripts has been streamlined. The plugin can be set to only load the scripts on pages that use the print-me shortcode. This featured can be toggled on in the Plugin Options Page located under the Settings menu in the Dashboard.

Also new with this version is the ability to tell the plugin where to load the scripts: in the header or the footer. Loading scripts in the footer is a recommended practice as it helps speed up page load time and rendering, more and more a valid issue for Search Engine Optimization.

New Features

  • Internet Explorer workarounds have been added. Supporting IE is always a bit tricky, given the variations between versions—but we try
  • An optional jQuery clone.fix has been added to address known issues with cloning textarea elements
  • Two new target placeholders where added in version 1.0: %prev% and %next%. These placeholders may be used to print elements immediately preceding or following the print button
  • A new pause elements option has been added to allow remote elements such as iframes time to fully load before printing
  • A pause time option has also been added to control how long to pause before triggering print function
  • The .pot file has been updated and is now Print-Pro-Matic specific
  • Print-Pro-Matic may now be easily translated into any language using our online community translation tool


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