T(-) Countdown Ctrl v1.5

T(-) Countdown Control v1.5

T(-) Countdown Control v1.5

Twinpictures’ Plugin Oven is happy to announce the newest release of our powerful Countdown Management and Scheduling plugin for WordPress. T(-) Countdown Control version 1.5 has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and brings with it many code improvements and new advanced features.

Meta Box Updated

The T(-) Countdown post type now uses uses Meta Box 4.3.8 with full support for PHP 5.2. Since Meta Box is a powerful plugin, it included in many popular themes. If the theme has loaded the plugin correctly there should be no issues with conflicting Meta Box plugins. However, this is not always the case. Therefore we have also created an alternative version of T(-) Countdown Control that has a renamed Meta Box Class to prevent any plugin conflicts. Please contact the support email included in your plugin purchase receipt should you require assistance in this regard.

T(-) Countdown Control Options Page

T(-) Countdown Control Options Page

New Plugin Options Page

Version 1.5 also includes new Plugin Options Page to change the default settings of many of the countdown attributes such as countdown style, titles, custom CSS and JavaScript. The options page is also where the plugin can be registered to receive free updates. Oh, there is also a picture of a cute little puppy because who doesn’t love puppies!


New customers that purchase this plugin are invited to leave a review by visiting the T(-) Countdown Control page here on The Plugin Oven. Previous customers will need to first register their customer account. The email address and purchase Receipt ID are required to register as a past customer.

Other New Features

  • Cookie feature for dynamic Strtotime launches
  • New countdown style: leia
  • Timer Icon area where text or icons can be manually inserted
  • Trailing Text area where text or icons can be manually inserted