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    I bought the plug-in and thought, I could easily handle it myself – but that was far from realities. I know nothing about coding, and that was needed. I therefore asked for support and my God, they have worked the whole Sunday for me and have reached really good results. I was always part of the process and could test as “we” were going along. I am a happy webmaster now – and so are my clients. Thank you so much!

  2. I have bought the Print-Pro-Matic plugin and get a nice elegant plugin where print options are excellent great and easy for users. On top of that, what fantastic support. Why do I not get that on every premium plugin I have bought. You can feel the commitment and the interest to make it work for you on long long distance. A few hours later and the perfect solution knocking in my mailbox. How great is that!? Outstanding! That’s the word. When solution and support go hand in hand making good vibes, they deserve 100 stars out of 10. Thanks!

  3. Have you ever emailed for tech support of some kind, and the email you get back is condescending or rude or just plain not at all helpful? Well, folks, you are NOT going to find that here!!! The tech support guru was able to get my Print-Pro-Matic plugin to do exactly what I wanted it to do in record time. And nothing but a completely delightful, helpful attitude! This has been, hands down, one of the best customer service/tech support experiences I’ve ever had. I’m honestly blown away! Thank you so much! Y’all have been THE BEST!

  4. Well, where do I begin? I originally tried various other plug-in and got nowhere near the outcome I desired , I then found this little gem called ‘Print o Matic’ , I struggled on with the free version for a good few days and got a lot closer than I managed with other plugins and methods, but still nowhere near perfect .
    I decided to upgrade to the pro version for the small cost , mainly so I could source advice on their support forums , within 5 minutes of purchasing I sent over an email to try and get some help, what followed is simply put as a pleasure and a sense of excitement! Within 5 minutes (and no I’m not exaggerating). I received an email with a link to test out my site , it was 95% perfect, over the next 30 minutes I sent 2 more emails, by the end of the 30 minutes , my print function on my live site was PERFECT .
    I’ve used lots of premium plugins before many for a lot more $$ and not received a half of the support I received here, let alone the speed and efficiency!! , you can see my print function in all its glory here The upgrade is worth it alone for the support let alone the pro features. I will also be making a contribution to their flying boat house too, as I think they deserve it!!
    10/10 on every level and a massive ‘THANKYOU’

    Print-PRO-Matic is a fantastic plugin – Thank you so very much for the good work.
    I am soooo happy!

  6. Such a fantastic experience! I was unsure how to achieve my goal so I purchased the plugin and the support team had my new function up and running exactly how I needed it within 24 hours! One of the best support experiences I’ve ever had.. period! Thanks so much. Amazing value!

  7. We wanted to print a CF7 feedback form and faced some difficulties with different browsers. The Print-Pro-Matic support team was amazingly fast and we could resolve the problems the same morning. Thats awesome! Very good money spent for the print-pro-matic plugin with such an outstanding support. Good job guys, thanks a lot!

  8. From the support, to the help with even some custom coding after buying the pro version. I have to say everything has been amazing! Probably one of the best developers I’ve dealt with ever. If you’re not sure if this plugin will accomplish what you want, just reach out to the developer. They have been extremely helpful and have by FAR exceeded my expectations. Thanks a lot guys!

  9. I have been looking for just the right plugin to print the posts and pages of my website. Checked out the most popular ones, some of the more promising ones. All of them had some deal-breaker issue – embedded adds, incomplete configuration, etc.

    A friend suggested this, and it has worked great.

    I had some initial configuration questions, and they were promptly answered by the plugin’s author. When the plugin did not have a requested feature, it was added.

    I am very pleased with how it works, and the results the plugin has produced.

    If it were possible, I would give it 10 stars.

    Thank-you Twinpictures. I hope you enjoy the well deserved extra donation.

  10. This plugin gives me everything I need to create useable print pages and the support is exceptional. I recommend it without any hesitation.