20 thoughts on “T(-) Countdown Control Testimonials

  1. I purchased this plugin a couple years ago when I first started Countdown2.Christmas, and it has been perfect for multiple uses since then. Also, they provide tremendous, patient support. 🙂

  2. This plugin is beautiful. And so is the developer. Not only does it do exactly what is says it does, the developer has been quick with help when needed. In this era of orphaned plugins, it’s refreshing to have such commitment to customer service. Well worth the cost.

  3. This plugin did much more than I expected it to, and I was very pleased with the results. The very best part, however, is the support: absolutely unsurpassed. I’ve used a lot of pro plugins, and the support here is truly the best I’ve ever had. Thank you, Baden.

  4. So. these guys are LEGIT. They went out of their way to help me set up the plugin for multiple countdown scenarios and went back and forth with me for 3 hours teaching me how the plugin worked. THEN when I needed a faster redirect feature, the implemented it within an hour and rolled it out with their new update. This type of service is almost unheard of and I truly appreciate it!!!

  5. Firstly, the plugin rocks! Looks great, good price and achieves a level of classy sophistication for your countdown needs..
    Secondly, I have dealt with many plugins and theme developers for support in the past, and no doubt will continue to do so as time goes by. I would like to state that Baden Coleman, from twinpictures has been an absolute gentleman and a star in helping me achieve my website goals with the plugin. Few take such time and care to help their customers, it’s seriously very rare, so if you are thinking about buying this plugin and hope for AMAZING support? I can guarantee you that the developer will, and in a VERY timely manner! Thanks again Baden, you sir… are a champion!!

  6. This is the BEST countdown plugin out there. Where competitors try to fleece you for literally hundreds of dollars (come on, ridiculous), our friends here made simply the best plugin, for an actually reasonable price.

    Yea, whatever. But what really ROCKS, is their support. Actual, awesome, helpful, fix-it support. I shouldn’t say this at all but I’m still surprised at how much value I got for the price of this plugin. Support great developers!

  7. I have no word to say! It’s so great!
    I must write about this great experience!
    The plugin run smoothly but the support is more than that! These guy form twinpictures.de gave me the best support service i have ever had! The countdown on my page (nganmohoi.vn) look so great 😀
    ps: i’ll recommend this plugin to my friend, my customer and … you! 😉

  8. The most outstanding support I have encountered for any plugin we have ever bought! What more is there to say? Oh, yea, the T(-) Control plugin does exactly what it’s supposed to with zero fuss. Nice!

  9. Great plugin and customer service! They worked with me on customizing the countdown clock until it was exactly how I wanted it. Would highly recommend this plugin.

  10. You’ve arrived here because you’ve spent hours looking for a timed countdown plugin that does a bit more and looks a bit better than what’s available free on the interwebs. You read the Countdown Control blurb and go “Hey! Cool – that’s what I need! – oh…wait…it costs money.” Well, save yourself the hemming and hawing and just buy the thing. It’s AWESOME and yes, it DOES do what no other countdown timer does and as for the looks – well, I bought it knowing the three skins it comes with wouldn’t look good on my site but hoping the testimonial I read saying the developers are super fast and cooperative at tweaking the looks was true. Within 24 hours of my post-purchase email, they were offering to DESIGN a new timer based on my web site’s look (cue top of my head blowing off). As I already had a strong idea of what I wanted in an ideal world, I sent them a mockup. BAM – 12 hours later my countdown timer had been changed to look exactly the way I wanted. Well – it was too large but they tweaked that perfectly in about 30 mins. I am so happy with this whole experience I am going to donate a bit extra to their flying houseboat or whatever it is fund. Excellent product, excellent service!

  11. Had a few issues with installation and it all appearing on my blog.
    However the excellent customer service by Twinpictures got me up and running in no time!
    Stellar support team they have.

  12. An excellent plugin combined with terrific support! Having bought the premium version, it soon became clear that we would need to make some style modifications to suit our site design – the Support Team were fantastic, both creating and implementing a new style format us – all within the very first day after purchase !!

  13. One day I search for a plugin to give countdown on my sites and found this awesome plugin. I couldn’t believe that I figured out to create a working countdown on my first try. It’s so easy to configure! Even the countdown on my site is still called ‘Test Countdown’ 😀 Backing up this great plugin is awesome people giving awesome support. I am so impressed when they wrote back to me very soon with this statement, “…we will stick with you until the plugin is working to your satisfaction.” Wow! Keep up your great work, Baden!

  14. whaaaaaaaat. these guys are awesome. helped me customize to my specs in no time, and made me laugh a few times along the way. i want to build some new websites just so i have more places to put T(-)… and i want a framed sepia toned print of all of us together to keep on my desk. xot

  15. These guys went way out of their way to help get the plugin working
    exactly as I wanted.. and even implemented a custom style for me in
    the next release! The plugin is a little difficult to use initially,
    but it’s the best one of it’s kind out there – and all you need to do
    is ask for help 😉 Definitely worth the upgrade to pro!


  16. This has been an absolutely fantastic plugin! We use it for our live internet TV station as it switches when the show goes live. The staff and developers are also very responsive and helpful. I would definitely recommend this!

  17. Great plugin which is very easy to use backed by fast and efficient support when required. Highly recommended if this is what you are looking for. We use it on our homepage to countdown to Formula 1 grand prix races, and the sessions over each weekend at grandprix247.com

  18. We recently purchased T(-) Countdown Control hoping it would be good enough for a very unusual application, a MOVIE THEATER. On our website we have a total of 60 countdown timers. Most of them are used for each showtime of our 12 screens. At first, I have to admit that I was skeptical if all these timers would perform well together on the home page, but now I’m very pleased with this amazing plugin.